Equipping educators to improve their leadership and classroom skills

LeadNow! is a digital training and coaching toolkit designed by Dignitas to equip educators who want to improve their leadership and classroom skills to transform opportunities for the next generation.

Transforming their future!

LeadNow! is founded on the belief that school leaders and teachers are everyday superheroes with the power to transform children’s futures when supported with the right training and community. When you build your skills as an educator, you are investing in children, thus investing in the future. LeadNow! welcomes you to be an agent of change today! Informed by 14 years of successful, award-winning coaching and leadership for school leaders and teachers in East Africa, LeadNow! offers best practice skills and techniques for today’s educators

Courses on LeadNow!

CBC Curriculum Implementation

The CBC Implementation course explores the different strategies and skills required by school leaders to effectively implement the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC)

Tools for Assessment and Marking

The Tools for Assessment & Marking course explores the different strategies and skills required by school leaders to effectively assess for learning and design better learning experiences for their learners.

Social-emotional Learning
(Safe Learning Spaces)

The Social Emotional Learning course explores the different strategies and skills required by school leaders to create safe learning spaces for learners to thrive and succeed.

Learner Centered Teaching and Learning

The Learner Centered Teaching & Learning course explores strategies and skills required by school leaders to facilitate learning experience that engage learners as constructive participants in their own learning.

Behaviour Management and Motivating Students

The Behaviour Management course explores the different strategies and skills required by school leaders to effectively manage learners' behaviour and motivate learners.

Words can’t express how much Team Dignitas has done for us. On behalf of Claire’s Community Centre, Dandora, I’m so thankful for your support. We value your insight and guidance that you have always provided us. Many thanks to our lovely coach, Peris, who worked tirelessly to lead us to tremendous growth in our school.

Tr. Lucy



Here's what our teachers are saying

“As a result of Dignitas training and coaching in our school, pupils are able to participate freely and lessons are more interactive. I have become more aware of mixed abilities in my classroom, and think about how to cater to all learners. Students are more open to sharing when they have not understood; it’s no longer about pleasing the teacher.”
Tr. Rahab

“I am very grateful to Dignitas for helping me transform my school. Teachers relate well with learners and children are happier now than before. In the community, people say we care for our learners. Enrollment has gone up. My greatest appreciation to Dignitas is knowledge gain. You have equipped me with skills that I will use to run and grow my school. I never used to document or keep records, but now I keep records of everything that goes on at school. The school had no mission, vision or values. Now we have them."
Tr. Judith

Why Choose LeadNow?


If your question is not answered below, please click here to reach out to us. 

There is a Moodle app user guide and a browser user guide to help you navigate LeadNow. You can also reach out to us on the Contact Us page if you did not find the help you were looking for.

LeadNow has a diagnostic tool that has been designed to help you understand your leadership competencies and areas of growth in order to ensure that decisions you make about your professional development are well informed.

Once you have selected a course, the requirements for course completion and certification include;

  • Attend onboarding session.
  • Attend at least 70% of learning sessions.
  • Attend at least 80% of COPs for course reflections.
  • Attend at least 70% of coaching sessions.
  • Timely completion of assignments/reflection assessments.

Once you are registered for a LeadNow course, you can find your course schedule when you log in.

LeadNow courses consist of asynchronous learning sessions, remote coaching sessions, Community of Practice (COP) sessions and frequent assessments.

Each LeadNow session has reflection prompts that allow school leaders to share their own knowledge and application of content learnt. Each of these reflection prompts acts as a check for understanding and also has a score tag that accounts for up to 20% of the session completion. For example, responding to 4 out of 5 reflection prompts in a session might earn you a score of 80% for that particular session. To get 100% score in a session, fellows are required to respond to all reflection prompts to the best of their knowledge.

A certificate of completion is awarded to each LeadNow user who meets the course completion  threshhold

Upon course completion, LeadNow graduates will qualify to join a vibrant community of educators in the Dignitas Alumni Leadership Network (DALN). DALN brings together school leaders and teachers who are champions of quality education, and passionate to share best practices across the region. DALN offers opportunities for further engagement as Peer Facilitators and in DALN leadership roles. Register and be part of DALN

If you do not complete a course on LeadNow within the assigned period, you will lose your opportunity for course certification and will be required to register and begin the course again at a later time of your choosing.

You can access LeadNow through any up to date browser or through the Moodle app which you will need to download on your device.

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You can also access a free toolkit for Teacher Well-Being Post Covid designed by Dignitas in collaboration with our partner Global Schools Forum. This toolkit is intended to be a valuable resource for anyone in a position of leadership within a school, or network of schools, who has an interest in supporting the evolving needs of teachers.

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